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Did you know there are strong emotional benefits to couponing? Here's a breakdown of some of them:

  • One-in-five consumers feel victorious (22%) after using coupons.
  • Female couponers are 20% more likely than their male counterparts to receive emotional satisfaction from using coupons (69% vs. 57%).
  • Nearly half of respondents age 18-34 said they feel responsible when they use coupons.


You’ll never know how much you can save until you realize how much you’re spending! If you’re not keeping track of what you spend and where you spend it, either through a paper budget or an app, start today! Couponing will significantly offset these expenditures and when you discover that, you will be amazed.

Here’s the magic of couponing as stated by a recent believer: "Like most, I had tried and failed many times before. However, after the economy took a downturn and my husband was laid off unexpectedly, I had to find a way to help my family. After cutting out vacations, gymnastics, and other extra activities I realized quickly that I had to find a way to save that would significantly impact our finances. I started couponing completely by accident. It didn’t take long before I started saving my family a considerable amount of money each week."